November 21, 2011

myLot : Share your thoughts and opinion while earning is good place to enhance your English communication, as well as sharing your experiences and thoughts to other members and to the whole world, if you seek advises and solution to your problems while making friends. This is the good place to be. You can achieve all of this ALL AT THE SAME TIME. The similarity of using facebook, but the only difference is that you are also earning money while participating in mylot community.

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PAY OUT: Minimum: $ 10.00 Maximum: $ 100.00

Paypal only

Ways to Earn Money from myLot:
- Create Unlimited Quality Discussion/Topics.
- Seek help or give advice from unknown person.
- Upload photos related to your Discussion/Topic can create extra income.
- Add & Participate in all your Interests
- Share your thoughts, your opinion in all Discussions.
- You will receive 25% of the Earnings of the person you referred in myLot.
- Everybody in the family can join to myLot even your friend.
- EARN MORE! If you participate in MYLOT TASKS!
- Be rewarded in using the Search Engine.
- Gain friends from different parts of the world.
- Enjoy every moment you stay in myLot while earning money at the same time.

NOTE: Payments are made every 15th of the month if the minimum amount is reached if not your earnings will be carried to the next month.


1. It is required for16 years old and above.
2. Must have Personal Email Account **
3. Must have Paypal Account (not yet, register @ for FREE)**
** Personal Details must be true. Email address should be synchronized to the email you register on your paypal account. If not, you will receive your payment accordingly.

Wan to Join now? PM me

There are two (2) ways to confirmed that a site really pays:

(1) Confirmation Received via Email
(2) Increments and Update to Date Amount in Paypal Account.

Here's the latest update on my myLot account and be inspired.

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