November 22, 2011

Nokia C5 3.2MP - I love it

Last February 2011 - A friend of mine want to sale some of her items. Because she's in need of money. I don't have a plan to buy a new mobile phone because my current phone was still working perfectly. Since she owes some money to me. We agreed that half of her debt to me will be deducted. So I was able to bought my phone which Nokia C5 3.2MP because Nokia C5 has an upgraded version which is known now as Nokia C5 5MP.


Here's the only difference between the 2 unit C5 are :

Nokia C5 5.0MP

Camera -5.0 MP
Weight - 95 g
Internal Memory - 270 MB storage, 256 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM

Nokia C5 3.2MP

Camera - 3.2 MP
Weight - 89.3 g
Internal Memory - 50 MB storage, 128 MB RAM

See more details:

I possess a heavy hand so touch screen is not really suits for me. So I am contented to this type of mobile phone. I like the way how it captures the moment of my life. I feel like am a celebrity when taking photos. hahaha.

I am planning to purchase a 2nd unit but this time the upgrade version (Nokia C5 5MP)

I am not endorsing the mobile instead I want to share the beauty of C5 based from my experience.

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