December 24, 2011


The only anime that I really admired and adored is FAIRYTAIL. I started collecting books of Fairytail, have my own t-shirt with Fairytail logo and hopefully, I would like to have my own necklace same with Grey Fullbuster. It may sounds weird, but its true. Fairytail is the only anime I will not get tired of watching over and over again.
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Every episode is really a heartfelt and full of laughter, all at the same time. If there is someone or somebody looking for an anime, I don't have second thought, to endorse Fairytail. Moreover, I am also fascinated with the magic possessed by each character, either the main character or the other anime cast in the story.

Each episode is very unpredictable; you can't anticipate the flow of the story such as, feel happy, cry out loud or laugh while viewing the program. What I can assure you is that, Fairytail will definitely make your day and crave for more.

The total episode of Fairytail is already 175.

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