February 02, 2012

Can Guyabano(Graviola) really heal a Cancer patient?

A friend of mine who was operated for testicular mass. The problem is not yet to end there. He was qualified for a Chemotherapy and Radiotion Therapy. They were given a referral to take the treatment in JRMMC.

The problem is that there living status is below average.  The only they count on is Philhealth. Philhealth can't shoulder everything. So we are looking for some remedies. And a friend of mine introduce us the Guyabanao. I was really amazed and full of hopes after the story he told us. But still I have doubt about it.


So I made some research about it and many people was giving testimonies about the beauty of Guyabano. 
Many guyabano remedies are popping out in nowhere. 

Which guyabano is much better the fresh fruit or the one in tablets. If you answer tablet which one is the proven and tested. 
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