November 25, 2012

How to add Online Signature to your blog

Online Signature

1. Visit
2. Slightly scroll down and look for the picture shown below, then click PROCEED.

3. Select in which 4 methods you like to use, in my case I prefer the first option.

4. Just go with the follow, its compose of 6 Steps
 Step 4.1 : Encode your preferred name to be your Online Signature.
 Step 4.2 : Select your desired font choose from 1-120 fonts provided.
 Step 4.3 : Select the size of your Online Signature
 Step 4.4 : Select the color of your signature
 Step 5.5 :  Select your slope according to your taste
 Step 5.6 :  Finished, your Online Signature is now ready.

5.  Scroll down a bit an you will see some procedure how to use your Online Signature. see below

If you like to use your Online Signature permanently. You may follow the procedure I provided below:


1. Log in to your Blogger Account.
2. Click the Drop Down Menu besides View Blog.
3. Select Settings
4. Select Posts and Comments
5. Under Posts, you'll see Post Template
6. In Post Template, Paste the HTML Code provided by


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