August 17, 2013

A good drop by at Larcy's Cupcakery Cafe

UMako and I attend anticipated mass in Saint Joseph, the worker parish here in BF Mariposa. We were invited by Tita Bing and Kat to have a dinner in Iago's -- Mako, Me and Angeline. I really had a blast dinning with them. 

Thank you Tita Bing and Kat for the dinner! As we leave Iago's and starting  to go get home. On our way home, they were talking about Larcy's how good Larcy's cupcakes are. They decided to drop by to check out the place and have a take home of the famous cupcake they're offering.

I must say the place is like a size of a boutique. The wall colored pink and white. I was amaze with the chair they have on the side of the wall as you enter the premises. The chair is enermous and not a typical type you can see and seat on. So it's really a privilege to seat on that kind of chair I tell you.

I'm thirsty and when I asked for a glass of water. They gave me a size of an emperador bottle however the bottle is also colored in pink. Nice idea!

Let's get back to the cupcake of Larcy's. Mako was asked to select 6 cupcakes for our take out box.

As he was checking out the cupcake for the take out. I also make some if mine too. As I am checking the cupcake the price is higher that I am expecting. But as I look deeper I saw a photo of Kris Aquino. She recently  visited Larcy's place last August 5, 2013.

I saw this cake of Larcy's offering Php 125.00 per slice. The name of that cake is Choco Obsession.  Wow! The price is really too much but if you are a chocolate lover Php125 is not really bad at all as per slice. According to Kat, this cake is really a pure chocholate so it might stick on your throat so sip a water before eating choco obsession.

We are already done with the Larcy's ( Thank you Tita Bing and Kat, I really had a blast!)  as we are getting home. First stop is Mako's house. When we arrive home. I check out the box of Larcy's and here's what I saw:


My comment about the cupcake? The cupcake are perfect! So yummy?!

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