September 14, 2013

May Premyo Sa Resibo (PSR)

Do received a receipt from every purchase you made either big amount or small amount? Official reciept plays a big role between consumers and merchants. Official receipt serves as a simple documentation about what you had purchase from them and the merchant is serious busines not a scam or bogus. 

Official reciept (O.R.) plays a big role in our lives nowadays. You can receive or win a money by keeping them and joining the activity of our government which they call it Premyo Sa Resibo (PSR). Here's the mechanics of the game:

To join, text PSR<TIN#> <OR#> <OR amount> to 9777 PSR(space)TIN # of O.R.(asterisk)O.R. #(space) O.R. Amount

PSR 000345897567*12345*250


9777 for single entry
9778 for multiple entries

NOTE: If your Official Receipt amount has a centavo value. Take the whole number and leave the centavo value.

Premyo Sa Resibo draw their winners weekly and monthly. The more receipt you send the more chance of being a winner.

Follow them: 
Facebook: iPremyoSaResibo, 
Twitter & Instagram: @PSResibo.
 PSR hotline: 02-3389777

Check out their website for more details:
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