October 22, 2013

Things to know before buying a Condominium

1. Money/Budget

This is the very first thing to consider to the future owner/tenants of condominiums. If they can afford the monthly rate and the corresponding maintenance fees incurred.

2. Location

We should check the location or the vicinity where the location of the condo is.  Convience is very important especially like going to main road, hospitals, police station,  convenience store and alot more. Condo Tenants might do some adjustment depending on what they needed.

3. Calamity Measure

Condominiums have their unique features especially in facing calamities like earthquake and flood. You may also how they resolve the problem with gas leak or fire. So better to asked the realtor or the personnel whom you can inquire such measurements. This is very important.

4. View

Since we are already buying our own space. We should consider the view on what we can see every time we woke up in the morning. Do you like seeing sunset in the morning or to have a romantic gaze of sunset or to see the beauty of the whole city. In my case, I love to see people around and roaming around or houses above, just like I'm an angel in the building instead of sky.

5. Slot or Floor location

In order to have a good view you must check the floor area. The usual or the ideal floor to achieve is from 10th floor and above. But in the cases, some floor are have some additional charges from your agreed monthly rate. So try to consider to checking this out.

6. Amneties

Condominium has great amneties to offer. Since amneties are free to use by tenants. You should consider this as free package. I would suggest to check if they are swimming pool, tents, shower room, comfort room, activity room and the most suggestive and in demand amenities, gym for exercise.

Currently I only have six (6) in my list that I consider the top requirements in looking for condo unit. This might applicable when searching for townhouse and subdvision but few adjustment may took place.

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