December 14, 2013

Experiencing the Life of a Green Arrow

I received a text message from a friend of mine who is in Rosales, Pangasinan last December 7, 2013. He asked me if I could go with him to take basic archery this coming December 14, 2013. Since I have no engagements at all, I decided to meet Anthony on the date. Meanwhile, since I did not know that there is an Archery Cafe here in Manila, I asked more details about their cafe.

He said the cafe was called Gandiva. So I Googled it out and found Gandiva - Cafe and Archery Range. Now, I got the name of the place. I searched some blog reviews also to check if we were denoting to one reference just to be sure and the result was same.

Anthony and I were able to find Gandiva. From the moment you step out of the elevator, the Archery Range is visible. We took a rest and checked their menu and ate. I was given a chance to have a glimpse on how to play this game. Since only 1 player was allowed to have a bow and arrow, I watched from a distant. This is how Robin Hood and Katness Everdeen started before they become pro.

Point, Target then Shoot
A shot from Ton

Gandiva Cafe has packages offered to individuals who are interested to experience archery:

(1) For Walk-in (like us) Php 980.00 per hour. Inclusive of Archery equipment, range lane, a target face and an assistance from their Pro-Staff.
(2) For Membership: Php 2, 000.00
(3) Basic Archery Program or Module 1: Php 12, 000.00
(4) Advance Program or Module 2: Php 12, 000.00
(5) Regular Rates: Range Rental / Equipment Rental / Instructor's Fee / Target Face

And the address of Gandiva Cafe is :
Gandiva - Cafe and Archery Range
Unit 703-705 One Corporate Center
Dona Julia Vargas Avenue corner Meralco Avenue
Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Gandiva Cafe has a good ambiance and we have good seats taken near the window.  The ceiling of it is almost similar to a target face.

Ambiance of Archery Cafe
Photo Credit: Anthony Brillantes

Archery is really fun but a dangerous game from the time you stretch the string of your bow and attempt to aim target. You really have to pay attention to the instructor. Things might get wrong. Nevertheless, archery is a good experience and worthy to be remembered.

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