January 02, 2014

Jayem Sison and his latest Facebook Page

I recently learned that Alodia has a male counterpart in cosplaying and that is Jayem Sison. I made a recent blog about him and the details I found.

And today, I saw that Jayem tweeted something on his tweeter.

Wow! Hecreated a facebook page to reach all his fans out there. Sharing what he knows about getting fit and healthy. Plus, be inspire on how he achieve his ultimate body. No wonder he can cosplay all the male anime that possesesed great body and well shape 8 pack abs.

JayEm already has 372 likes on his first day and for sure this will grow enermously in the near future.And many of his fans are now throwing questions:

For more details, you can visit his facebook page:

Facebook Page: Jayem Sison Fitness and Cosplay Page
URL: https://www.facebook.com/jayemfitness

For More details about JayEm Sison, Click Here

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