November 19, 2015

This is your world of wonder of Kennstop

This is my world of wonder: Baguio City, Erza Scarlet of Fairytail and Contest of Champions.

Everybody wants to have a re-lux-ation and get unplugged from the city you normally working at and enjoy the weather of warmth body in the coldness of Baguio City. I will never get tired of going back to Baguio City. Baguio City was second city that closes to my heart since 2006. Aside from the nice weather of Baguio exploring Baguio and Benguet was truly amazing. Don't forget to include their famous pasalubong like, Ube of Good Shepherds, Peanut Brittle, Strawberry Jam, Fresh Strawberries and a lot lot more. The last time I saw Baguio was 2014, Mines View Park was under renovation that time so when I go back this coming 2016 I will visit Mines View Park and check the improvements and have a taste of their famous Strawberry Taho!

Erza Scarlet is a survivor and also a leading character of Fairytail such as Lucy Heartfilia, Natsu Dragneel, Happy, Gray Fullbuster, Gajeel Redfox and a lot more. What I love watching this anime is that it never fails to showcase and give importance of friendship, love, unity, being as a team, and protecting each others against other team of wizard. I also like to understand more about where Erza is coming from. I can see myself because that she's been working in Tower of Heaven at the her younger age of 11. In my case, In my high school days, I used to had a business inside out classroom. I'm selling Nissin Cup Noodles since we had a water dispenser and giving service to create projects to my classmates in return of fund my projects too.

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If you know COC, I also have COC but of course with different meaning. COC stands for Contest of Champions from Marvel with Kabam as their developer. Playing Champions with my alliance was like Fairytail too. We support each other and honor what our Leaders says. This is a free-to-play online mobile game. Try to download it and you might like it.

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