November 24, 2011

I asked 8888 about my problem

November 24, 2011 - My mom knew that she will be receiving a reward from 8888 for achieving the Quota in reloading her mobile phone. But she was expecting it to render the service immediately, it's been half a day but to no avail. In fact, she is getting impatient. I gave her possible reasons, why she haven't received the said reward.

She is a hardheaded mother. hahaha. Guess what she did as her next move. I may consider this as a desperate option on her side. I don't blame of what she feels about it. A few minutes later, she was bragging about the her actions relatively to this reward from Globe.

She said I send a personal message written like this, TOT.. TOT.. TOT..  to 8888. I replied hurriedly, what?!! What did they reply? I am still waiting for it as she responded. I just received the message from 8888 now.

Guess what's the content of the message:  " Sorry, the keyword you've entered is invalid... "

I was really having a hard laugh, even my little brother was really laughing about this. I ended up teasing my mom all night long. This incident really put a smile on our faces until we call it a night.

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