November 23, 2011

SamTsui & KurtHugoSchneider of youtube

I recently blog about my Nokia C5 3.20MP. I seldom see my cousin who are residing in Dagupan City, Pangasinan who just arrive a month ago here in Manila for some changes. So I helped him to find a new job that are new to his forte. This is now the life of my cousin so let's moved on though this is a bit related to him.

My cousin asked a favor that he will send a music file (*.flv) to me via blue-tooth which he found in youtube a few weeks ago. Because the file doesn't open to his phone. But still he just saved it just in case. So that day came, when he finished sending the file. I try to opened it.

Surprisingly, I opened the file and played it. Now I am craving for more music such like this especially if sound track is done by KurtHugoSchneider of youtube. Gosh, I getting to like SamTsui who is the singer who works with KurtHugoSchneider of youtube. Let me give you sample of their accomplished video.

I hope they will not get mad at me. For using their URL.

My only intention is so share what beauty are and likes about me.

The song is about a combination of three (3)songs namely : Love you way you lie + Dynamite + Teenage Dream. I hope you enjoy it too.

Youtube Account of KurtHugoSchneider :

Youtube Account of SamTsui:

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