December 23, 2011

Free from hospital bills by Philhealth

In 8th of December 2011, a friend of mine admitted at Ospital ng Maynila for his left testicle concern. The nurse-in-charge ask for his Philhealth. Ospital ng Maynila prioritized residences of Manila, but they don't limit their services for people that are not residing in Manila. If you like to know more how to avail the FREE Philhealth services, just follow the requirements below, accordingly:

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Claim Form 1 - Part I   (to be accomplished by Philhealth Member)
                          Part II ( to be accomplished by the Employer of the Member )
Claim Form 2 - Part 1 - 13 - to be accomplished by Hospital Bill Department
                          Part 2 - to be accomplished by Attending Physician
                          Part V - (patients record) ( Signature over Printed Name )
Claim Form 1 & 2 - you can obtain it from the Hospital Billing Department

You must settle the Next Requirements as indicated below, before you can exit from the hospital premises.

Original Official Receipts (Drugs, Meds & Lab) - From the time you are admitted from the hospital, keep all the receipts acquired in purchasing tangible things needed from day one and until patient is discharged from the hospital. You needed all this receipts, to reimburse all your expenses to Philhealth. It will be more easier, if you make your break down or compilation of these receipts by dates in sequence. 

Operative Record / Anesthesia Record, Clinical Abstract, Preop Evaluation - All of these can be requested from the Nursing Station, but you need to photocopy it. As a Standard Procedures, the original copies are kept by the hospital for their own medical purposes and filings. In our case, I produced 3 photocopies for the documents needed.

Delivery Room Record (O.B. patient) - This can also be requested from the Nursing Station and again, you must photocopy for your documentation purposes also.

Member Data Record or M.D.R. - This can be requested from the nearest PhilHealth Branch. I strongly recommend that everyone should have a copy of this, just in case of emergency purposes. PhilHealth also authorizes a representative of patients in behalf, to requisition of MDR but the representative must provide an Authorization Letter with affixed Signature from the Member. You must also provide Photocopy of the Philhealth Member and Photocopy of the Representative as well. Failure to comply of these requirements will be rejected.

Philhealth Contributions or RF1 and ME-5 Employer - This can be requested from the employer of the patient and/or member. If you are a self-employed, just present a photocopy of your latest 9 months updated payment from Philhealth. Photocopy the document, before you submit the original or vice versa.

IPM ( 9 months contribution ) - Be sure that the patient/member is updated for 9 months Philhealth contributions. Bear in mind of having a photocopy of your Philhealth payments.

OWWA certification or MDR w/ cert of Contribution.

Indigent Card or Sponsored Card ( Photocopy ).

Lifetime Member ID or NPMID.

PhilHealth launches Discount Card with tons of benefits

I just received an email from our Human Resource (HR) for giving an essential details about the New Project of PhilHealth for Public and Public Schemes.

" Through this PPP initiative, all PhilHealth members will now be entitled to discounts for medicines and other health services.  Watson’s Pharmacy will give discounts for medicine and cosmetic product purchases while Rose Pharmacy and SouthStar Drug

will have discounts for its unbranded generic drugs. Qualifirst, a subsidiary of United Lab will also give 50-60% discount for its generic medicines. Likewise, Glaxo-Smith Kleine (GSK) will offer a substantial discount for their flu vaccines while PQ Health Shield will provide 20% discount on all vaccines given in their outlets. Other discounts will be given by Fresenius Medical Care for its hemodialysis services and Vivian Sarabia Opticals who will offer free eye examination and 20% discount on frames and lenses."

There are two options to avail this project/program:

1. Inquire your Company HR Department to fill-up PMRF form and a new ID for verification process. More or less 30 processing days.

2. You may directly register at SM Business Service Center (accredited agent), pay Php 60.00 and card shall be released after 30 days.

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