December 24, 2011

How to report your DSL problem to your providers

It is inevitable to lose connection every now and then. In order to avoid bad day and enjoy the rest of the day with good vibes. Just follow my instructions and believe me, your DSL connection will be restored in no time. It depends on the DSL providers of how fast they will response to your concerns or issues. In some instances, we need to be more considerate if your technical problems fall on weekends and holidays.

DSL Providers - Philippines

Here are the Steps to Follow:

1. Report your problem directly to your DSL provider. You must provide the status of your DSL Modem Indicator such as Power, DSL, Ethernet, and Internet. Identify the indicators like Blinking, Steady or No light so that the conversation will be settled easily in a few minutes. To illustrate further, the set of example below is provided or based from the scenario of PLDT Modem. I can say this, since I've tried to report the same dilemma to Bayantel Company.

Power - Steady
DSL - Blinking
Ethernet - Blinking
Internet - No Light

2. Take Note of the Date/Time you reported the problem.

3. Lastly, you can jot down the Name of the person handled your call transactions. That includes, the Reference Number/ Ticket Number or Trouble Ticket that he/she will be given at the end of your conversation.

You can follow up your reported problem after 24 hours, since we need to give them more ample time to deal with the concern and isolate your DSL problem.
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