January 18, 2012

Globe Rewards as of Jan 15, 2012

As a Globe Subscriber, I always check every Reward incurred every now and then. At this point of time, I am happy to share that the Globe Rewards Points have a new sets of Rewards scheme to avail. I'm planning to redeem its promo sooner or later. But sadly, I am about to reach 1,800 points. If you already way beyond my points, you can sight the other points to redeem the other Globe promos. The more Globe Rewards Points you have, the more excitement of redeeming it from Globe network.

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Here's the listing as of January 15, 2012:

Rewards & corresponding points needed may change without prior notice.

To claim rewards from Globe Rewards Points:
 REDEEM<space><ITEMCODE> send to 4438 Php1/txt
EX: REDEEM TV send to 4438

To transfer Globe Reward Points:
SHARE<space> your 10-digit mobile number<space>No. of points to 4438.
EX: SHARE 9063359793 25 send to 4438

FOR MORE DETAILS: You may visit their website

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