February 12, 2012

Manila : Go Green, Stop Plastic

My mom and younger brother are residing in Las Piñas. The current mayor of Las Piñas, Mayor Nene Aguilar who is promoting "Go Green Lifestyle" to his place of governance. The awareness campaign is really worth to ponder for all citizens of Las Piñas. Personally, I do like the idea. I strongly support the advocacy of Mayor Nene. In this way, we can eliminate or lessen the possibility of flood, especially if typhoon will struck the area.

Photo Credit: http://www.48gogreen.com

I hope that Mayor Alfredo Lim of Manila will do the same thing, so that we can have an environmental-friendly citizen. In addition, to lessen the possible tragedy that recently affected area of Luzon and NCR from previous typhoons.

In my own little way, I will practice recycling or reusing the plastics, until such time that I can no longer re-used it. The next thing, the Segregation of Waste in our Home will be religiously done. If many people can do this, we can save our dying Earth and make it a good better place to live for the next generation.

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