February 28, 2012

Taking Chemotherapy but No Special Diet?? True or False

My friend of mine started his Chemotherapy yesterday. I wasn't able to go with them because I have work that day. But tomorrow I am invited to go with his Chemo Session. I could say that I am closed to his parents. So when I asked for update and all that stuff. I asked his father thru SMS. If the Doctor will provide Special Diet for the Patient who are taking Chemotherapy.

The Doctor says, No Special Diet, He can eat whatever he wants. If I am not mistaken, which I googled it before patients must have a certain diet like No Sugar, No Milk and what else I remember that's all I can remember. Ah Red Meat. I was realy suprised that the Doctor said " No Special Diet ".

One more thing, The Doctor noticed that the Patient is so skinny. So the Doctor recommended to take foods which has sugar. The father bought Leche Flan for his son. But my friend didn't liked it.

How about you? Anyone from your loved ones who undergo Chemotherapy do they have Special Diet given by your Doctor.
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