November 27, 2012

Moldex Residences - Baguio

Moldex Group of Companies is opening their New Project Venture in the heart of Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City. Moldex Residences is located at Ben Palispis Highway formerly known as Marcos Highway and near to Crystal Cave.

Moldex Realty is known to be the country's leading property developer. They already have more than 30 diverse projects as far as north of Pampanga and south of Tagaytay. They have currently projects in Cavite area: Heritage Homes - Trece Martires, Heritage Spring Homes, Metrogate - Dasma, Metrogate - Dasma Estates, Metrogate - Indang, Metrogate - Silang and the last but not the least in Metrogate - Trece Martires.

By January 2013, there will be an opening for Moldex Residences - Baguio. There are now open for Building 1, hopefully after 6 months Building 2 will be on the next move.

Letter of Interest is encouraged to submit as early as now. This will be a good investment to people out there who likes to unwind and wake up in the morning with a breeze of cold weather.

Let me give you a Sample Computation of Moldex Residences - Baguio.

And here's the latest update inventory of the Building 1 Moldex Residences - Baguio

For More Details: Look for Ken ( 0906-3359793 )

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