December 09, 2012

Famous Puto Calasiao in Pangasinan

In the Philippines, Filipinos have traditional food serve in every occasion. It has the distinct in preparing delicacies and menus on their table. One of the proudly product of Filipinos is to have rice cake on their plates; there are various type of rice cake in this country. The only rice cake in Calasiao of Pangasinan is “puto”. 

“Puto” is a sweet, refine rice cake that majority of the people in town used to buy. Some people love to consume this rice cake with Filipino porridge or “dinuguan”, it completes their day with this kind of local cuisine.

Puto of Calasiao, Pangasinan

After we visited San Pablo Church, as we walked to the entrance. We suddenly decided to buy the “puto” in pacing  stall # 5. It is across the local park of Calasiao. It is the best thing to have it for siesta in the afternoon.

For traveler or visitor from different places in the Philippines cannot refuse to grab a bite of sticky white “puto” in Calasiao for Php 80.00 per kilo. The central area of Pangasinan from Dagupan going to the town proper of Calasiao, riding a jeepney for Php 10.00 is worth to have a short journey. You cannot be lost along the travel, since Senor Divino Tesoro Church is the trademark of Calasiao.

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