December 30, 2012

Wildlife in Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden

We rarely see wild animals around in the heart of city, many of us are busy in our daily lives. We forgot to enjoy the things which can be seen around us. I decided to give myself a break and had a bond moment with nature.

So I decided to visit the Manila Zoo or known to be as Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden, which can be seen in Malate, Manila near to Quirino Station (LRT) Light Railway Transit and much more closer to Ospital ng Maynila and Roxas Boulevard.

Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden is built in the year 1959, the area covered by this zoo is 5.5 hectares. It was really huge and you can never get tired walking around, instead you will be overwhelmed on what sceneries they can offer to you.

Let me give you some photos which I had collected during my visit in the zoo.

 Common Name: Elephant


Common Name: Philippine Tree Squirrel
Scientific Name: Sundasciurus Philippinensis 

Common Name: Hippopotamus
Scientific Name: Hippopotamus Amphibius

Rare, Roar, and Roam are the best words to describe the beauty of Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden. This is my first animal adventure encountering endangered species or animals here in the Philippines and from across the country in just once place. I thought seeing them was just only in a glass case. But think again, you can see them closer and breathes of their own.

Entrance Fee is affordable and you can treat your friends as well.
For Adult - 40.00
For Kids - 20.00

For Citizen of Manila - Prices mentioned above might get be lowered. If you will provide any ID that shows a picture of you and address that you are really residing here in Manila, discounts are awaiting for you.

It’s more fun in the Philippines!

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