February 27, 2013

LINE by Naver

Do you enjoy using viber already? I have new mobile application to offer to you, guys. Let's just say that LINE is the upgraded version of Viber. 

LINE is also has the same feature as viber do, you can call/text and send photos all part of the world.


But what's make this application different from Viber? LINE is available to PC and smart-tablets. All your conversations you had on your mobile phone can be automatically transferred to your PC. Its like a continuation of your chat once wifi is out and DSL comes in. 

They also has a feature to use emoticons and change chat wallpaper just like in Yahoo Messenger. So no need to worry if you can't recall the last conversation you had with your friends.

LINE is now offering timeline just like in facebook. I think this is only open thru mobile phones at the moment.

GOOD: You can call / send messages and send photos to your friends in the all countries for Free. Available to PC and Smart Tablet as well.

Data transfer from Mobile to PC and vice versa still has a bug and need to resolve this problem as soon as possible.

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