September 17, 2013

Absolute Boyfriend (2012)

A story of a girl ( Guan Xiao Fei ) who gives affection but no one returns it back. Until one day, Xiao Fei was walking at the part thinking about her possible future as a poor single lonely person until she found a mobile phone ( scary ringing tone i must say ). She answered the call and meet the person who will change her life forever, Lei Wu Wu. Lei Wu Wu is a Sales Agent whose goal is to satisfy the needs of their customers.

So hot
Absolute Boyfriend

As a token of appreciation for what Xiao Fei done for Lei Wuwu. Lei Wu Wu gave Xiao Fei a wish that she ever wanted. Xiao Fei is really desperate to have a boyfriend. Because early that day she showed love from a man she admire but she was dumped instead. Out of her irritation to Lei Wu Wu she requested to have a boyfriend. Lei Wu Wu just handed a calling card to Xiao Fei and asked to checked their website. Xiao Fei logged in to that website and fascinated with the site can offer that same night she placed an order that makes a woman wanted to have a boyfriend or a possible husband as well.

Xiao Fei ordered early morning at her doorstep. She was given a few days trial to use the product. Xiao Fei was shocked for she saw a naked man (Wan Nei Te) whom she felt connection with. She must kiss the product ( Wan Nei Te) in order to activate. Xiao Fei kissed Wan Nei Te.

Wan Nei Te woke up from the moment she received a kiss from her girlfriend ( Guan Xiao Fei ) and the love story begin...

Main Character of Absolute Boyfriend

Jiro Wang - Night or Wan Nei Tei
Ku Hye-sun - Guan Xiao Fei
Kun Da - Yan Zong Shi

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