September 21, 2013

BWHeroes by PopCap

Are you familiar with the game Boogle? Let me refresh your memory if you already forgotten what boogle is. Boogle is building words out of letters in no specific position or in random.

This game is similar to BWHeroes.

You build or create your own words out of the random letter tiles like this: 

Tiles has corresponding letters and numbers. 

Each letters has it's respective numbers. And this letter you've gathered will be used against your opponent. 

The longer the words you composed the better and the number you see next to the letters will be  subtracted to your opponents life. The battle will go on until one is defeated. 

All the tiles that are already used in the game will be replaced by new one and you will build a new words out of the new tiles provided in order to defeat your enemy.

This is an educational mobile application which I can recommend to parents out who thinks that games is not educational at all. 

This game can also booze the confindence of the winning player. Because he/she shown its best to defeat an enemy fair and square and. Additional,  he/she defeats the enemy alone without the help of anyone.

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