September 21, 2013

e-Plus card 50% off to SM tickets

Are you a movie goer? You'll to have your own e-Plus tap card. e-Plus card is available to all SM Malls nationwide. 

This card has many purpose if you are an avid goer of SM Malls. You have the advantage to receive an sms of all the discounted movie tickets they can offer. Just like what I received recently:

"The horror in the accursed video continues in SADAKO 2! Watch this SM CinExclusive using your e-Plus card to get 50% off on the ticket! To stop receiving messages, reply OFF SM and send to 2966. Thank you"

Avail your own e-Plus card and you will receive a bonus kit. e-Plus card can also be use in buying your snacks in the near snack bar of SM and other affliated eatablishmenta connected to SM.
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