September 29, 2013

How to avoid confusion in mobile prefix

Many mobile prefixes are already out in the market and ready to use by our avid consumers. Many of friends has 3 sims to reach all their friends and loved ones. So confusion with mobile prefixes is cannot be avoided. I tried to avoid or assume the prefix I'm thinking is correct because you may not know if I am correct or not.

So what I did is that. Everytime I register a mobile number I see to it I ended it with a remarks and easy to understand. See Sample below:

0922 - Sun or Sn
0927 - Globe or G
0926 - Touch Mobile or TM
0918 - Smart or Sm
0910 - Talk N Text or TnT

In my case, I make it more simplier since Globe and TM are once telecom. I generalized it as "G". Then Smart and Talk N Text are same telecom also. I marked it as "Sm". But in case of Sun Cellular which stands solely "Sn" would be perfect for the shortcut.

Now that my mobile number has its own shortcuts. I can easily determine which is Globe and which are Smart number.

 I also used letter "L" which stand for landline and letter "R" for roaming number of my friends to identify what number should I used to contact them.

You may apply this tip and share it with your friends too.

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