October 10, 2013

How to make a screenshot from your PC

Nowadays, memories are the only thing we could hold whenever we have like to recall something whether it is a good or bad memories it was. This is where screenshot comes in.

Screenshot is a good way to capture those moments and incident in our lives which we like to treasure in years to come. Screenshot may consider as tool like a camera on computer. It freezes the moment you like to capture on that particular time.

Print Screen

How to perform this screenshot, follow the steps below:

1. Open the file you like to treasure and make it as a picture.

2. On your keybaord look for the button name " Prt Sc Sys Rq" or " Print Screen Sys Rq" or Print Screen Sys Req ". Usually this button can be found near F12, Backspace, Insert or Scroll Lock.

Function of Screen Shot

3. You may press this Prt Sc Sys Rq button twice, you might feel that there is no response. But it has actually. Pressing screenshot will not give you any confirmation if you done it right. As long as you press it that's okay. We can validate that later.

4. Since your sure that you press Prt Sc Sys Rq button, Open MSPAINT or paint as they call it.

Step: Click Start > Select Run > Type Mspaint > Enter.

5. Once Mspaint is already open, Press CTRL+V. You will see the item you like to treasure.

You may crop the item to make it better before you save the file. You do the adjusment needed to make it cool. Doing screenshot will take the whole screen display.

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