October 06, 2013

It takes a man and a woman (2013)

Director: Cathy Garcia-Molina
Producer: Vic del Rosario Jr., Malou N. Santos and Charo Santos-Concio
Writer: Carmi Raymundo
Starring: John Lloyd Cruz, Sarah Geronimo

The trilogy film from the life of Miggy Montenegro ( John Lloyd Cruz) and Laida Magtala (Sarah Geronimo) which all started from A Very Special Love the followed by You Changed My Life. Directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina.

Produced by Star Cinema

Just a recap from the second movie, Laida and Miggy had their break up which can be found on the second movie. The break up started when Laida unable to come to the funeral of Miggy's father because Laida is United States. Miggy needs someone who can accompany him during this event of his life. Laida tried her very best to visit Miggy even the consequences by her parents.

Laida was able to make it to the funeral but she saw an event that will turned her life to devastation. Miggy kissed her ex-girlfriend Belle (Isabelle Daza).

Moving forward, This movie is the continuation story of Miggy and Laida. Two years has passed but Miggy still unable to moved on which is ironic to the person whom Miggy hurted the most and also the reason why Miggy can't moved on. Because of this, Miggy lost the trust of board members.

Elder brother of Miggy seek help expertise of Laida to expand and have a exclusive cover opportunity with MET. Zoila and friends comes up with a idea that can suffice the aim of their company. A transformation of an individuality from Before and After. The theme is likely pointing to the life of the main character Laida Magtalas. From being a nobody now known by many.

Laida refuses to make this happen and make it as their project. Because she will be reminded of the sweetness of their past and the bitterness of their present. Zoila and friends still pursue to make this happen.

The table turns and the fate favors to Laida. Laida makes her move by approving and continuing the project. The end of the project will be covered in the United States where Laida spends her time working and to able to foget Miggy in the process.

I will cut the summary of the movie here. For you to be able to feel the emptiness of love and later be filled by overflowing and overjoy because of love. Enjoy!

Miss You Mako!

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