October 19, 2013

Love can be found in smallest value

Every two months I see to it that coins I collected from my travel back and forth from office to home, change given from the grocery I had done.

Here's the photo I had taken from all the coins that I have collected. 

Guess how much all the coins that I have
collected below. I already arrange and manage to count all of them.

  5 cents x 85 pcs = Php   4.25
10 cents x 93 pcs = Php   9.30
25 cents x 44 pcs = Php 11.00

Total amount of Php 24.55

With this amount of money I can managed at least 3 rides going to work. Coins are still consider as part of monetary unit even though the value is less than a peso. There's a saying that " You cannot complete a one peso coin if you dont have twenty five centavo coin"

It may have the smallest value in the monetary unit but if you collected a pretty  much large amount than I have you can manage to help some people out there.

All SM establishments has a charity can infront of their cashiers. Drop your coins there and it will make a long way to help other people. 

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