October 21, 2013

Movie Review: Bakit hindi ka crush ng crush mo? (2013)

Director: Bb. Joyce Bernal
Producer: Charo Santos-Concio and Malou N. Santos
Writer: Irene Villaflor
Starring: Kim Chiu and Xian Lim

I haven't read the book of Ramon Bautista but I guess the movie says it all already. The concept is adapted from the idea of an Brainy Ugly Duckling that turned into a swan

The movie is all about a woman Sandy Veloso ( Kim Chui). Who is looking for a true love from a man who can play a guitar and sing whole heartedly which will relfect from his inner soul.  Sandy has a boyfriend assuming that her current boyfriend Edgardo Salazar (Kean Cipriano) is already the answer for the one she is looking for.

Unfortunately, from the day they celebrate their anniversary is the day they will separate from each other. Sandy was really devastated that night and through that anger she was able to clean the entire office. Would you believe that? I guess that would be ironic in my part.

Sandy will meet the Alex Prieto ( Xian Lim) who will be handling the company for quite sometime where Sandy is working. Alex will be the fairygod father of Sandy and who will help Sandy gain the bravity to face the man who broke her heart.

Watch the movie and see how an Ugly Duckling become a swan and a fairygod father who will fall inlove from her own creation.

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