October 08, 2013

Wish Upon a Star (2010)

I am currently watching this Korean Comedy-Drama titled Wish Upon a Star some call it as Pick The Stars or Stars Falling from Sky.

The story is about an lady Jin Pal Gang working in an Insurance Company ( JK Life Insurance Company). Pal Gang was crazy inlove with their Cold Hearted yet Handsome Company Lawyer Won Kang Ha for 5 years even with this kind of personality. Pal Gang was never been disappointed as a matter of fact. She knows all the little habits of his ultimate crush.

Stars Falling from Sky

Kang Ha and his little brother ( Won Jun Ha ) is in need of a housekeeper. Pal Gang learned about this rumor so she immediately contact Won Jun Ha and applied to him personality. This is where fate started to move even though the consequences will be the loss of her parents of Pal Gang.

Watch Wish Upon a Star and learn how Pal Gang able to reach her dreams and to be with her cold hearted yet handsome lawyer crush.

Personal Comment:

I really enjoy watching this movie. I have learn many things about life and love. Love is really powerful and full of magic. Love will come in very unexpected way.

Choi Jeong-won as Jin Pal Gang
Kim Ji-hoon-I as Won Kang-Ha
Sin Dong-Wook as Won Joon-Ha
Chae Yeong-in as Jeong Jae-Yeong
Lee Kyeon as Woo Tae Gyu
Lee Soon-Jae as Jeong Gook

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