November 05, 2013

IslandMediaAsia is now on TV5 as Juan Direction

I want to witness about the roaming gossip here in Manila that there is a group of model plus handsome guys roaming around manila seeking and doing some work of ordinary people like selling buko, taho and make pushing a cart in the railway of PNR. In short, they are making some social experiment. Showcasing the daily lives of our Filipino countrymen.

Members of IslandMediaAsia

I haven't seen the guys behind the Youtube sensation under the name IslandMediaAsia. But I was able to watch some of their videos. Indeed, they are handsome and hunk all at the same time. I am really fascinated that they exert an effort doing such work. I am really amazed that they like to experience the work of their kababayans with no regrets and finished the task with a big smile on their face and on their heart.

For your information IslandMediaAsia guys already stepped up to another level. They already have their own segment on Channel Kapatid TV5  and the name of their program called Juan Direction and hosted by your truly Michael McDonnell, Charlie Sutcliffe, Daniel Marsh, Brian Wilson and Henry Edwards. Take note, they are Half British and Half Filipino.

Catch Juan Direction every Saturday10:00 PM to10:30 PM.

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