December 14, 2013

Company Christmas Party 2013

The big night that I am waiting for has already arrived Company Christmas Party. We celebrate this moment last December 13, 2013 here in the rooftop of our building. Our theme is all about 70's and 80's. We are bringing the bringing the retro in 2013 after 43 years of idle.

Unfortunately, I didn't suit up for this event. I have a terrible time management that day I don't know what happen but that's what happen to me. I am also late. If I wait much longer in SM Gift Wrapping Section. I wouldn't received any gift from raffle they had drawn that night.

I received 2 raffle gifts and both of them are related to Hygienic products and a 1000 Gift Card from Healthy Options. Now I have more to enjoy when taking  bath using the gifts that I received. Guess what?! I also received a second complete set of hygeinic product for shower AGAIN!  What a lucky night for me, huh?!

Image taken from Party 2013
Photo Credit: Kristine Ilagan - Garcia

The exchange gift came. We hid our real name to the name of local to international celebrities. My name is Gabby Concepcion and the name of my baby is Lea Salonga. Unfortunately, My wish wasn't granted. Because fundals is already phased out in the market. So the retailer who still have this fundals are possible the last piece you can get or worst the size is too large already. So i ended up receiving cash instead. But that's okay. This could be the start of my journey of finding fundals.

We wrapped up the night by having a group picture from our department. I really enjoy the night. I really had a blast and even had a time to blog this on the next morning before I meet Anthony for our Archery experience in Gandiva.

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