December 29, 2013

Game Application: Tiny Defense

If your fed up with Plants versus Zombies and you like to change and play new application just for a change but same concept? Then you can try Tiny Defense.

Tiny Defense is a mechanical game that can be compared to Plant versus Zombies. Minirobots are the counterpart of Plants and the Machines are the equivalent of Zombies. Photo below are taken from my actual game

Minirobots is composed of 40 members while the Machines are 32 members. Currently I have 31 out of 40 minirobots.

War between the two will be held in different stages such as Greenfields, Waste Sands, South Oceans, Glacier Land, and Iron Fortress.

Strategy and a good defense is the only thing can defeat the machines.

Application Name: Tiny Defense
Current Version: 1.2
Size: 147 MB

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