December 30, 2013

Male Cosplayer: JayEm Sison

Popular Male Cosplayer known as JayEm Sison.Which I also agree with the given statement. He is the counterpart of our Female Cosplayer, Alodia Gosiengfiao.

JayEm Sison become more popular as he portrays or cosplay the character of Grey Fullbuster of Fairytail and Kaito of Black Rock Shooter.

Here's are the photos of JayEm as he portrays my favorite anime series, Fairytail:

JayEm as Grey Fullbuster of Fairytail

Other post of JayEm for Grey Fullbuster

And JayEm as he portrays Kaito of Black Rock:

JayEm Sison has already portrays anime character like Titan Eren, Jin Kazama, Alabasta Ace, Miguel Caballero Rojo, Sanji, Portgas D' Ace and Gilgamesh Fate.

I make some digging about our male cosplayer but sad to say I only limited information that I provide to its viewer out there.

Here's the details I gathered for our Male cosplayer

Deviantart Username: surberus666

Twitter: jayemsison

Tumblr: jayem-sison

Facebook: Jayem Sison

Facebook Fan Page: Jayem Sison Fitness and Cosplay Page

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