January 14, 2014

Globe Telecom: Spending your 500 wisely

Having a mobile phone are used for communication thats the initial purpose thats why we bought one. But as the days go by, having a mobile phone is beginning to be a part of our monthly expenses.

Last year 2013, I documented my mobile expenses from autoloadmax. I am a prepaid user of Globe Telecom

The chart I provided below is the actual dates where I juiced up my phone from January to December 2013.

My total mobile expenses for the year 2013 is Php 6,577.00. 

I came up with a solution to maximize the usage of my mobile phone at the same time I can send text to all network and call globe/tm for a one (1) straight month.

Globe offers a 1 month subscription to this kind of promo. Which I am currently using.

Let's do the math, Why I say that Php 500/mo is cheaper?

If you will noticed my total expense in a month ranges from 300 and above with some control to avoid over spending but sadly to say I over spend on the next months or so. If you will get the average expense in twelve (12) months. You will spend around Php 548.08/month.

Therefore, When you will avail the 500/mo promo you will able save Php 576.00 in a year.

 I am afraid of having obligations or having monthly dues. I also don't like to have my own credit card even though I have the capacity to have one.

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