January 12, 2014

Movie Review: Bride for Rent (2014)

Director: Mae Czarina Cruz
 Xian Lim, Kim Chiu, Tirso Cruz III, Dennis Padilla, Matt Evans, Martin del Rosario, Empoy
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Family, 

The movie is about a lady ( Rocky aka Kim Chiu) searching for a job which landed to an audition for 

Uncle Cito: Hinala ko nga talaga na allergic ka pa sa words na commitment and forever.
Rocco: It's just that hindi lang talaga ako naniniwala sa ganyan

"It was bound to happen."

Martin del Rosario: I'm sorry pare. I just realized how horrible your past relationships were.

Raki: Don't give us on up baby ang peg natin dito.

Raki: Ang gwapo niya talaga pero di siya nakatingin sa akin.

Raki: I am a woman of dignity, pride and integrity.

Lala: I don't want a civil wedding. Marriage is sacred and I want a priest to officiate the wedding.

Lala: I know my grandson. He does not believe in marriage.

Raki: Isn't Amazing?
Rocco: Amazing!
Raki: Isn't Suprising?
Rocco: Suprising!
Raki: Isn't Exciting?
Rocco: Exciting!
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