April 27, 2014

Message sa Crush Ko

I couldn't believe that one day I will see you in person. Because last time I could recall, I was mesmerized by you eyes and sweet tender lips. I took my chances and I sent you a message but you didn't replied. So i guess that was it. From that day onwards, I moved on and kept myself busy.


Like na kita from the moment I saw your picture.. I was captured by your charm and casted a spell on me. I couldn't do anything about it but follow all your orders.

Oooh! I'm blushing saying this to the whole wide world. But I guess this is only way I can tell you how and to the world how much you mean to me.

Very pleased and blessed knowing someone like you.

Every individual liked to have a piece of you. Having you as a friend is already a gift and worth to keep. What more if you were their boyfriend for sure they'll do everything just for you. I want you to know that I treasured all the things we had it maybe bad or good. I still remember our first dinner (Army Navy) and Tokyo Tokyo.

You're going too far now and I may not able to see you or spend the days just liked we used to. Thinking about it makes me sad and lonely. I hope one day I could see you again and spend time we used to have. Ipon mode..

One I liked the most is the way you stare and smile at me. Either that would be good or not. For me, It's priceless and undescribable.

Ultimate Crush na ata kita eh. Kakatapos ko lng mapanood ang Diary ng Panget. Feeling ko I can relate to that movie. Sana ganun ang ending natin din.

Today is your birthday.. So I'd like to greet you Happy Birthday!!

PS: I will treasure all the gifts you had given to me. Thank you!

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