September 10, 2014

A trip to Farronccino Cafe ( 168 Residences )

Lunch is approaching and thinking where to go and what to do after taking our lunch ( September 10, 2014). We need for new ambiance and sets of people to see and new food to try.

So we decided to take our lunch in 168 Residences near to KP Tower. Its a bit far to our office but we take the risk and have fun.  A friend and an officemate of mine share a stall of drink where I missed when I wasn't able to join them, Farronccino Cafe.

It was similar to Starbucks yet much very affordable though. The Tall ranging from Php 49.00 and the biggest one called Velik amounting of Php 66.00 not bad isn't?

All of us take a different farronccino flavor and take a picture while waiting for the other.

I am the first one to take order therefore I am the first one to be serve. I ordered Strawberry with a fruit blend. I love strawberries that's why. In terms of the taste, I can say its smooth and not bad at all for that kind of price.

While waiting for them we make selfies together with our farronccino flavor until we the order is complete. Someone favored to take a photos of my group. I don't know why. But we are thinking that person own the stall in that mall. A franchisee of farronccino.

We enjoyed our trip to 168 Residences and enjoy the glimpse of being a celebrity. See us more in our next trip.

PS: Glenn and Hamz join with us soon!

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