September 20, 2014

Cheering: NU Pep Squad 2014

I was able to watched the NU Pep Squad via Youtube uploaded by ABS-CBN Sports and Action user.

NU Pep Squad
NU Pep Squad
I like to disagree that their routine are not well polished as they claimed on their interview that I saw on Channel 9.

At 0:49 on the right side they were the first one to finish and disassemble the stunt. They should have at least stay a few seconds longer. But in-fairness the group stunt was really high and full of adrenaline.

1:36 onwards they are like ants dancing altogether and having fun. It's really pleasing to the eyes.

3:17 I was surprised and love what they did. It was simple yet they were able execute it all at the same time. Well done.

3:47 to 3:58 I can feel it that they might win.

90 to 94% They are all synchronized. If you are keen observer you'll saw some few glitches on their choreography. But I can say they have a bigger chance to win and defend their crown again. I was expecting that their last post were like A 2½ high pyramid and some scorpion's tail at the side.

End Post of NU Pep Squad

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