September 20, 2014

Cheering: UST Dance Troupe (2014)

Since I was able to watch NU a while ago lets continue the cheering comment. Now its UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe

UST Dance Troupe
0:31 I love the imagination they gave on this part like a thousand hand of a god.

1:10 The second to the last disassemble and not able to hold it a bit longer.

1:25 Fascinating they were able to have a full turn and a touch of scorpion's tail stunt in the air.

2:16 I saw superwoman on the air like it.

2:30 I love their almost 3 high pyramid but the lady on the right side almost give in and good thing she was able to hold her position until the end.

I find many not synchronize stunts.

3:37 I bet the guy encountered pains when we he did flip over.

4:00 onwards was amazing and didn't expect that coming.

83 to 88% has the chance to bag the 3rd place. The problem they need to avoid was the jump stunt many of them wasn't able to jump all at the same time. But if they can perfect it. There is a bigger chance. Their finale was very appealing to me.

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