September 09, 2014

Lovi Poe versus Erik Matti and the winner is...

I am a movie addict and I love to watch movies that can tickle my mind from trailer to the movie itself. I admire how they were able to come up such a great movie and all.

I always make an effort to check the name of the lead actor and lead actress of the said movie especially with the director.

Photo Grabbed from Matti) and zimbio ( L. Poe)

I know that directing an actors like getting the right emotion, the face projection and falling of tears. I really admire directors who can able to showcase this scene and insert a moral lesson to it's movie.

I really understand how Director Erik Matti able to say a negative comment towards to Lovi Poe due to unprofessionalism of Lovi Poe. I hope they were able to be friends again in the near future.

" Just want to vent out my frustration at how these managers and starlets think so highly of themselves. Gumawa lang ng Muslim Musliman na indie kala mo serious actor na"

"This will be the last time I will get a talent from Leo Dominguez. And Lovi Poe, kahit maliit lang kaming production company, you will never get any offer from us again. Good luck on your world-changing teleseryes. F*ck you very much for f*cking us up!"

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