November 05, 2014

Elizabeth Gallagher: Receive your plane ticket for FREE

Is your name Elizabeth Gallagher and a Canadian citizen? If Yes, Jordan Axani is giving away a free plane ticket around the world and the route of your trip as follows:

December 21: NYC to Milan
December 28: Prague to Paris
December 29: Paris to Bangkok
January 7: Bangkok to New Dehli
January 8: New Dehli to Toronto

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Jordan has few ground rules that needs to follow:

Ground Rules can be found on this link. Click Here

As of this moment, Jordan is keeping his reddit post updated.

Oh My Gosh! I cant wait what will be the ending of this free plan ticket around the world. I hope Jordan can found at least few ladies matches on this wicked journey.

It may not replaced the love that found before but at least a new friendship without a crack on the same name Elizabeth Gallagher. I hope Jordan can found something out of this journey. So cool! Kent wait what's the ending of this trend.

If you like to get in touch and claim your price.
Here's how you can reach Jordan,

Email :
Linkedin: jordanaxani
Twitter: jordanaxani
Facebook: jordan.axani

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