November 15, 2014

Frosted Delicious Mochi

I heard that SM Mall of Asia will be only sale so what we do was proceed to SM MOA and feel the sale of the biggest mall in asia as of the moment.

As we got to the entrance of MOA. Even a needle cant fall to the ground. Indeed, so many people out there having fun and plunging to the sales offered by SM MOA and the discount offered by each stalls.

What catches my attention is food called Mochi.

I am always delighted with artistic and colorful foodies that can be offered out there. Aren't you too?

Due to my curiousity and the buy 1 take 1 offer by Mochi. How can I resist to buy one? I am thinking what Mochi should I buy?! Uhmmm

I choose Strawberry Mochi. I didn't expect that Mochino serve so cold to the customer. It was so hard and cold. The vendor says to wait to melt down at least 3-5 minutes before we can start eating it.

Ohhh myyy!!! I kent wait any longer but I have to argh! After 3-5 minutes my Mochi is now ready to eat. The taste isn't that worth waiting for just a same same. 

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