November 12, 2014

NESCAFÉ Cappuccino is the most indulgent coffee I’ve ever had!

 Waking up in a foggy day then covering the mountains and trees outside your window view is the best thing to set the mood right.

What is the next best thing for me? Is from the moment, I wake up and whisper a prayer to Almighty God that I am still alive then fixing my bed. Next is to boil water and fix a cup of coffee to awaken my sexy body and soul after a deep slumber of the night. Join me as I take my breakfast before going to work.

Going to back to reality, I am recently designated to a morning shift (8:30 to 7PM) which was really new to me. Since my body clock wasn't use to a morning call. The only thing that could wake me up in the middle of my shift is a hot sip from my coffee with my favorite cup. It really energizes me to work and lift my spirit to stand a 10 hrs shift 5 days in a week. You know it and feel it right?

Being practical doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the taste and quality of your coffee. That's a big No No for me. So I have to look for something affordable yet can pass my taste and the quality of my personal standard taste of coffee, that's when I found Nestle Cappuccino! I confess I have some supplies of Nestle Cappuccino just in case I run out of supplies.

Preparing my Nestle Cappuccino feels like I'm a certified barista the foam and the ability to sprinkle choco on your own coffee is really the indulging part of drinking my Nestle Cappuccino and repeating it all over again was like your drinking it as if your first time. It would be better if you have someone to share.

 So what I did my partner joined me by drinking NESCAFÉ Cappuccino with me through a mobile application – LINE by Naver since were far from each other. Sweeeet! It's the thought that count after all. Kilig much! We also have the same cup!

NOTE: While I am making photos for this entry. I have total of 3 cups already. hahahaha

Here's the winners of Nescafé Cappuccino:

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