November 10, 2015

Taking Gifting to the Next Level

We only have 44 days to go before Christmas and everybody are excited about it. After celebrating All Saint's Day people are start planning and thinking whats to do's in Christmas Party, what will be their themes, how much will the cost of the exchange gifts, Christmas bonus and a lot lot more.

What is your Christmas wish list for yourself?

Most of my prayers are already answered by our Lord Jesus Christ. I guess what I ken ask more is continuous good health to love and serve my family, loved ones and people who loves me. Everybody loves promotion and increase of wage since that's what I am aiming before 2015 ends. Well I guess I will look forward for it if it comes I am gladly to accept if not then I guess God has another plan for me.

Since I am not getting younger as the days goes by, I am planning to have my own business too, travel around the world and explore the beauty of the world. Of course, dream house. Who doesn't likes to have one for his own?

What are your Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones this year?

Year 2015 wasn't good to me but I am still in positive side and enjoy the beauty of each day.
I still hoping for the best that everything will be alright. We visited our hometown in Pangasinan this June, and I noticed that my grandma "Ama" in Chinese has a cataract. I really felt that she needs medical attention. I hope we ken find someone to help her out to her current condition. I also noticed that my Dad has an acquired Diabetes. Its been awhile since I saw them. We are a broken family but we tried to check each other once in a while but we tend to kept our location classified. I will not explain it further because for sure you know what happens next.

But I hope one day, we ken mend and patch things up. I am residing with my mom and brother. Since we are all kicked out from our home. Bago pa mauso ang PBB, Sa amin ito nagmula ( hahahaha ). My mom was my bestfriend and window shopping buddy when I like to take out stress and invite good vibes after working. I'd like to take it to the next level give her travel abroad so she ken walk freely and amaze about the beauty of other country and experience travelling while nothing to worry a single dime. I want to give my brother a second hand car since he likes to drives. Since I love to travel and explore having this we ken see all things at the same time. Spending quality time with your loved ones are really hard to find especially if you are working in Manila and travelling back and forth for almost 1.5 hours for five days a week. Its only Sunday that we ken truly calls a family time. Since most of us are sleeping during Saturday and occupied with household chores. 

How do you plan to give back to other this Christmas?

I attend the mass last Sunday (November 8, 2015) and able to listen to the gospel of the Lord. It was new and strange for me to hear a gospel of the Lord preceded by a foreigner priest. He looks like an Italian priest. As he started the celebration of the Lord, you will noticed that he has a commanding voice yet pleasant to hear and a bit entertaining I must say. He knows how to speak Tagalog but a few lines though.

Its about a receiver and a giver person. He said " How many of you are receiver and how many of you are here is a giver? Do you enjoy receiving gifts? Or you find happiness and contentment when you give something to somebody else? As the gospel continues and ends I am inspires to be a giver.

So after the mass since I have to meet a friend of mine in SM Manila and to give him a movie treat as promised. Good thing I have a free movie pass from SM. I bought the ticket in advance for 6PM show (The Last Witch Hunter). So we ken have more time for window shopping and visit Intramuros. He also like to return the favor of treating me for a lunch (Ramen Cool). Yipeee! Love it.

Check it out how tasty their food are. The bowl was soooooo big and the broth is soooo tasty.

Done with our lunch and we are ready to go to our next stop, Intramuros. Intramuros was breath taking many old churches and streets are preserved in time and still alive in this New Era.

We used underpass to return to SM Manila. We encountered an old lady begging for an alms and selling plastic bags. I ken see in here eyes that we was exhausted and hungry. It was almost 4PM in the afternoon when we saw her. Since we have more time left to spare we visit supermarket and buy things that might help her for the next few days.

As I handed over the plastic bag, she was surprise and a happy. I saw glow and warmth of smile on Lola's face. I really like to help her more but I am a tight budget this week and until first week of January 2016. So I give what I ken give to her. I realized that I spread the good news of the Lord to be a giver a happy giver just like our Lord nothing to expect in return. I also believe in the quote saying "A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple that comes back to you".

I just wanted to help Lola that day and putting myself in here shoes. What if I was like here?

Going to the question, How do you plan to give back to others this Christmas?

I'm starting to enjoy giving help to people who are in need especially for elders. I will extend help to children, Lola's and Lolo's as much as I ken. Helping others wasn't bad at all and experiencing a fulfillment was really great.

If we ken show care for the needs of others someone angel in disguise will also help you in return maybe not today even not tomorrow but in time of your in need the help you need will be there.

Here's another way you ken help. Check out the SM Cares Bears of Joy campaign and know how you ken take part in the season of "gifting" (

Spend your special moments with your nearest SM Supermalls and enjoy their special discounts and giveaways this coming Christmas season.

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