August 20, 2013

Force Evacuation: No argue!

Are you one of the residences affected by Flood? I agree with the rules implemented in Marikina City, once the given marks is said Forced Evacuation. Leave your house, leave everything behind. Carry only the things needed the most.

Which do you prefer save your appliances or save your lives? Government officials are doing their best to save all the people in their covered community.

Life is more precious than everything. You can start your all over again. But once your life is taken away. You CANNOT start again but you can start shedding tears for the family members who deceased on that event.

Calamities does not  show mercy to anyone because that's their job. So if Government officials or friendly neighbor said evacuate that's their reaponsibility to warned you and show concern. Therefore, Evacuate immediately and don't think twice.

Evacuation center maybe full most of the time. So tried to look for some remedies ahead of time seek help with your friends, relatives and colleagues. If they can spare a help or a room for you and your family. This is time where you can determine or count on to your real friends. The only exception I can think of is that if they also in state of calamity for sure they can't. But try your luck some of them may spare some help at the possible way they could.

Government Official must learn or implement a rules once they started rescuing their people. Once they offer a help to a family and rejected it. Move to the next family and so on. No looking back to the family that already been offered a help.

Because the next family might needed their help. THEY ARE JUST WAITING FOR THEIR TURN TO BE SERVE.

For my own, Going back to the previous family can be considered as bias. Why? Because people whom needed to be rescued on such specific time or moment are not being prioritize at all or giving equal attention. The worst scenario is that the help they are suppose to receive are getting delayed because of that.

This may be a harsh. But that's the way it is and should be implemented before hand. So everybody can think of the consequences ahead of time.

Time is Gold. But Life is more precious and  priceless. It can never replace by any worth of money.
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