August 23, 2013

Trash today, wasteland tomorrow

Do you dispose your trash properly? Shame on you if you say yes! Just to hide the truth. Deep inside you did not throw your trash properly. Lying will not help you at all or even in cleaning your surroundings. That's the truth and nothing but the truth so help us all.

Improper disposal of waste may affect so many things not only to your surroundings but to each one of us.

You may not feel the trash you rid off. But in time and once the impact kick in especially if many of us do such things. Trash may not be visible or do such big harm but in the long run and in certain time trash will fight back and new smokey mountain will rise and may lead to things that are not expected and unpleasant.

These can be a domino effect if you know what I mean. If one person have this kind of attitude, for sure many of us has the same attitude. We maybe unique to each one of us but in some point we have some in common.

Is there some point in your life that you dream that flood is below your ankle or gone at all? Actually we can achieve that if we only help and cooperate to one another being united we can achieve everything and nothing is impossible.

Let's make a habit to throw our trashes properly today and reap our tomorrow without thinking of any harm in our next generation.

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