August 31, 2013

Z. Tsunami by Mobigame

I love playing and using mobile applications and I am also giving reviews to them afterwards. I may not use all of the mobile applications out there to offer. Its because I'm only using my apple iphone 3gs only (Any sponsor?!) 

Zombie Tsunami is recommended by one of my colleagues.They said I have to try it out. So I gave it a try. Out from nowhere I downloaded Zombie Tsunami the next day and at that same day I started playing it and start accomplishing the missions as much as I can.

Are you familiar with Temple Run? They are almost a similar kind of game. Z. Tsunami also has a features like Temple Run has such as mission or objectives to finish and ability to equip or upgrade your game.

Currently I have one (1) more mission to finish and I am working on it at the moment. I want to see the ending of this mobile application.

Mobile Application of Mobigame

The missions in Z. Tsunami are easy to achieve but not all of them. Actually it took me at least 3-4 games before I can accomplish a mission. 

What I love in Z. Tsunami is that you can equip your zombies with different kinds of hats like Zombie Hat, Cowboy Hat, Mohawk, Jack-O-Lanterns, Disco Wig, Kepi and a lot more to choose from and you can equip all hats available all at the same time in a game. But you must purchase each hats available before you can start using them using your collected coins during your game.

Mobile Application created by Mobigame

The best method to get all the hats out there is to play the game well and collect all coins you can ran into same goes with your zombies. Make your hoard like an army of zombies. You must also collect more zombies to be your followers. They are your extension of life on the game.

My rating to Z. Tsunami by Mobigame is 9 out of 10.

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