August 25, 2013

Zest Air is in hot seat

I heard that many passengers of Zest Air are not satisfied with the service they are rendering.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines  (CAAP), many of the standard rules were violated by Zest Air such as:

- cancelled flight due to mechanical problem
- loss of accountable manager

Cancellation of Zest Air flights doesn't not only happen  in Manila but also in iloilo and other part of the Philippines.

Zest Air

If that will be the case, travelling by air also is not safe anymore. Zest Air or should I say all the Air Lines out there should follow the rules accordingly and without any failure.

Because consumers or passengers are complying to the fare they are implementing. Air Lines should secure the necessity of their customer. I may not be a passenger of Zest Air or any Air Lines but what I like to say is that we also have the right to demand and they should comply into it.

I hope in the near future no more complaints will be heard about substandard procedures of Air Lines.

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